Nanna Ditzel Design A/S is a Copenhagen based design company and studio taking care of and continuing the lifework of Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel.


Nanna and Jørgen were born respectively in 1923 and 1921. They met each other in the autumn 1943 at The School of Arts and Crafts, Copenhagen, where both were students.


In the summer of 1946, when Nanna and Jorgen had finished their studies at the art school, the two new graduate furniture architects married. Later the same year they established their own design studio in Copenhagen.


By that time, they already had worked together for a couple of years making designs and participating in exhibitions together.


The period from 1946 to 1961, when Jørgen passed away at the age of only 40 years, was very productive for the young couple, designing in a wide range of disciplines – furniture, textiles, wallpaper, jewellery and utility objects such as glass, etc. In this period they took part in and won several competitions, in 1956 they were awarded the Lunning Prize.


After Jørgen’s death in 1961, Nanna continued their joint project alone; it was the way she thought it should be – it was the only way: continuing. Many new things were designed in the subsequent years.


In 1968 Nanna married furniture dealer Kurt Heide who was resident in London. In August 1968 Nanna moved herself and the design studio to North London, where Nanna and Kurt jointly established the company Interspace, which quickly became internationally recognised. From the big showroom Kurt Heide dealt in Italian furniture and the furniture and textiles created by Nanna. Notable among Nanna’s designs from this period are some exciting experiments with furniture made of fibreglass.


Despite the fact that the address for the next 18 years was London NW Nanna continued working with several Danish companies, inter alia, Georg Jensen, Kvadrat and Brdr. Krüger, who remained permanent partners throughout all the years. In addition, newly established collaborations with English furniture manufacturers and with several textile companies in England, Scotland and Ireland.


In 1985 Kurt Heide died. The previous year, Nanna and Kurt had sold Interspace. After a brief period of reflection Nanna chose to return to Denmark. The retirement she and Kurt had planned to begin was exchanged for a newly established design studio in Copenhagen and for a further 20 years of working life - an era filled with new experiments and exciting designs.


In 1995, Nanna employed her eldest daughter a few hours a week at the design studio. Nanna was 72 years old and wished to prepare her three daughters to continue the company. After Nanna’s death in 2005, Dennie, the eldest daughter, took over daily management.

Dennie’s younger sisters, Lulu and Vita, Nanna’s twin daughters, are on the board together with CCO of Fredericia Furniture, Thomas Graversen.


Lines may no longer be drawn in Nanna Ditzel’s design studio but we continue the legacy and manage the existing work.


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