ND-175DK Desk, 1955/2007/2020/2021


Design: Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel


Produced by: Kitani, Japan in Asia

Snedkergaarden Them A/S in Europe



Available in Oak & Walnut

Four-drawer desk.

W175  D75  H72 cm.

two-drawer desk.

W120 cm.

three-drawer desk.

 W145 cm.


Desk with four drawers. Original made by Søren Willadsen in two different sizes: length 175 cm with four drawers and length 145 cm with three drawers.


Also in 2021 from Snedkergaarden

two-drawer, W120 cm and

three-drawer, W145 cm versions.

Also in 2020 W115 cm with two drawers.